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Is there a C++ grammar for ANTLR? Is it even possible to parse C++ with a conventional grammar?

Why can't I get the exportVocab/importVocab directives to work with string literals across multiple files?

ANTLR generates methods for rules that are too complex/large for my compiler. What can I do?


How do I parse a formula? I have a string containing a mathematical formula formula like "144/12". How do I calculate its value?

Why does my lexer not recognize a token that is a substring of another token? I get no nondeterminism warnings, but I do get a run-time recognition exception.

When will the next version of ANTLR be released?

How can I filter an input file for only those constructs I care about, ignoring everything else? Or, how can I get ANTLR to operate like SED or AWK?

I'm getting bizarre compile errors when compiling my parser? Is it because I'm using BEA/WebLogic, which also uses ANTLR?

How do I trap exceptions generated from any lexical rule using a single exception handler?

My lexer (generated in C++) seems slower than table-driven lexers like lex. Is there anything I can do?

Can I build an ANTLR lexer that recognizes string tokens containing Unicode, but that restricts all other tokens to be simple 7-bit ASCII encoding?

Why does my lexer throw an unexpected char exception in the middle of my comment or string rule containing a wildcard?

How do I specify the package name for the generated parser/lexer using Java?

Why can't I call a random non-start rule in my grammar, such as expression, and have the parser match an isolated subphrase of my language?