ANTLR Section Index

Is ANTLR appropriate for building a line-oriented preprocessor like the C preprocessor or m4?

What's the difference between a parse tree and an abstract syntax tree (AST)? Why doesn't ANTLR generate trees with nodes for grammar rules like JJTree does?

How can I use multiple lexers to scan my input (how do I get "lexer states")?

All I know is that I need to build a parser or translator. Give me an overview of what ANTLR does and how I need to approach building things with ANTLR.

Why do syntactic predicates sometimes lead to bizarre or distant error messages?

Where can I learn (more) about using various XML (eXtensible Markup Language) technologies (such as DTDs, Schemas, SOAP, DOMs, etc.) with Java?

Where can I learn (more) about Java's I/O (input/output, IO) capabilities?

What is the difference between using "a" and A in the parser if I have rule A : "a"; in the Lexer?

How do I convert my PCCTS grammar to ANTLR?

What is a tree parser and why would I want to use one?

How do I build a source-to-source translator in ANTLR? What is the basic strategy?

Why does ANTLR say that two of my lexer rules are ambiguous? Or, why am I having so much trouble with DOT or PERIOD at the left-edge of lexer rules?

Why are trees not built properly when I manually manipulate the return tree (with an action) for a rule?

How can I track the character position within an input file? I want know at what index does a token start.

Can I push back the most recently read token into the input stream?