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How can i execute commands on a remote machine using ant, which include expanded property values using the <telnet> task?

Property inheritance

How to show upload status. I am uploading files. How can I show the user a status window, informing him about the time remaining to upload ?

How to upload a file to a webserver? Does ant support uploading files to a webserver ?

How doI copy a file with no build failure if the file doesn't exists?

How do I remote deploy to Tomcat using the <get> task?

I'm searching for a task which compares two binary files

How do I adjust line endings for Unix and Windows systems?

How do I measure the time it taks for the task "java" to complete?

Using junit inside ant, I would like to exclude inner classes. Right now I have junit running all classes like **/*Test*, but when I make an anonymous inner class in the Test case it makes a new *.class file like MyTest$1.class in addition to the MyTest.class, and then junit tries to execute the inner class.

Where can I get the information for tasks like 'path', 'classpath' etc?

Why do I get "[property] Override ignored for <insert prop name>" in my verbose output?

How do I version a product of a build?

How do I get the hostname in a cross-platform way?

How do I fix the "out of environment space" errors when running Ant on Win9x/ME?