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How to make ANT keep source line numbers When I build with ANT 1.3, exceptions show source code line numbers.

How do I get system time in Ant?

How are special characters escaped in Ant build files?

How do I get <javac> to list each file that it is compiling?

How can I delete files depending on their age?

How can I test for JVM versions?

How do I get <exec> to work for shell commands on Windows platforms?

How do I pass command-line arguments to my build?

How to configure ANT such that some specific user messages are directed to file and not console output? I would like to configure some of my echo statements such that they point to a file and write to a file and not to console.

Can junit task take command-line arguments?

Evaluating properties based on other properties

Problem with a simple delete task

Configurating datasources with ant?

How to generate IBM WAS 5 binding files with Ant?

how to build a property from several other properties?