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What are the differences between typecasting and data conversion?

When returning from a wait(long), can I tell whether my object was signaled or the wait timed out?

Which types of exceptions can not be captured by a Java program?

Why/when should I use BigDecimal instead of double for numerical calculations?

How can I synchronize across two different classes?

I am looking for a monitoring tool that will give me the status of the threads inside Weblogic?

If an object is referenced by a local variable -- is it safe from concurrency issues?

Is there some way to implement multi-tasking in Java (like "fork()" on UNIX)?

How is Rijndael, the new, proposed American Encryption Standard, pronounced?

Which file, in which directory, contains a list of installed Java security providers for Sun's JREs?

What is the maximum string length in Java?

How can I create a method which takes one or more optional parameters?

I'm creating a ZIP file using java.util.zip.ZipOutputStream. If the file names of these files are in any other language other than English (e.g. Chinese) they get distorted. when I extract the ZIP file using WinZip. How do I preserve the file names?

How can I create and use tree-like data structures in Java? Are there any standard classes for this?

How can I create a protected, "restricted" website? I.e., where someone can only access the site by e.g., entering a password.