Core Java Technology Section Index | Page 118

Can I persist my objects using serialization instead of using a relational or object database?

How should I declare fields within my serializable class to prevent them from being serialized?

Where can I find information about the design decisions made during the development of the Collections Framework?

Where can I get the Collections Framework?

Which is faster, synchronizing a HashMap or using a Hashtable for thread-safe access?

How do I use an array with the Collections Framework?

How do I create linked lists if there are no pointers?

How do you store a primitive data type within a Vector or other collections class?

How do I make an array larger?

The TreeMap documentation states that it is a red-black tree based implementation of the SortedMap interface. What are red-black trees?

What newsgroups/mailing lists are available to ask questions about the Collections Framework?

How do I use Enumeration to iterate through a collection?

How do I sort objects into their reverse natural ordering?

How do I do a case-insensitive string sort in a language-insensitive manner?

How do I properly alphabetize (sort) a list of strings in a language-sensitive manner?