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What are the differences between extending the Thread class and implementing the Runnable interface?

How does a preemptive scheduler manage a thread's timeslice?

What is the main difference between a preemptive scheduler and a non-preemptive scheduler?

Where can I find a set of data structures to deal with many of the concurrent programming concepts?

How can one thread wait for another thread to die before it continues execution?

What object does static synchronized methods use for locking?

What object does non-static synchronized methods use for locking?

How do I get a thread to pause?

How do I create a new thread and have it start running?

What is a thread?

Why are resources tied to ThreadGroups?

How do I create a variable local to a Thread?

Are there any good books on using Java threads out there?

Where can I get free source code for multi-threading in Java?

How can I catch exceptions thrown in secondary threads I create?