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Thread synchronization seems to work using a queue -- that the waiting threads will acquire the released lock in first-in, first-out order. Is this behavior reliable?

Is there an example of a chat server (aka Threaded Virtual Meeting Place)?

How do I capture an exception stack trace and put it into a string?

What is double-checked locking? Does it work?

What are the threading options available when using hotspot on solaris? What are the performance implications? and defaults for various JVM versions?

What does it mean to lock an object?

How do I reset a scheduled task so that it stops and then is rescheduled for the next cycle?

Is Vector's clone method thread-safe?

Do I have to synchronize read-only access to a text file?

How to stop a thread which is waiting for a client socket connection?

Can we fork another process from Java?

In case of images how does thread spawning work? Can I stop the AWT from creating a thread for the image while loading?

How soon after calling start() will the run() method be executed?

What is piped I/O used for?

How do I exacute a block of code after the first of two threads finishes, no matter which one finishes first?