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Is there a maximum size of a serialized object tree graph?

I keep getting an InvalidClassException when I read in my serialized objects. What am I doing wrong?

Are there any system properties in Java that affect Serialization?

When trying to serialize large strings, or pass large strings as parameters to remote methods, I keep getting a java.io.EOFException. This only happens for trings, not for other large objects. What is the problem?

If an object is serialized by a 1.1.x VM, can it be de-serialized by a 1.2.x VM?

Using ObjectOutputStream, how can I use writeObject() to write the same object twice, so on the other end readObject() will read two separate objects, not two references to the same object?

I want to have complete control of the binary file format generated by ObjectOutputStream, so I implemented Externalizable in my objects and extended ObjectOutputStream so that I could overwrite the writeStreamHeader() and readStreamHeader() methods.

How do I load a serialized applet?

What is UTF that Serialization uses to write strings?

Can an application running in a version 1.1.x JVM read an object that was serialized by an application running in a version 1.2.x JVM?

What resources are available to read Java serialized output in C++ programs?

How can I validate what I've just deserialized?

Can I use a BufferedOutputStream with an ObjectOutputStream to serialize an object?

Does serialization depend on the browser, platform, or VM?

What are the advantages and disadvantags of serialization?