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Is there any way to save the state of an object of a class which does not implement Serializable or Extenalizable?.

Is there any significant performance gain in serialization from declaring instance variables as transient?

Are methods also serialized along with the data members?

Where can I find the official documentation of the Sun Java SDK tools?

Why should I implement readObject() even if I don't implement writeObject()?

How can an applet read a serialized object residing in the same directory?

How can I modify a serialized object which is stored in a file if the file contains a large number of objects?

How can I serialize an object into a byte array?

What is a serialized bean?

What is ObjectStreamField used for?

What is ObjectStreamClass used for?

What is an object graph?

How can I change the names of instance variables in a class which is Serializable and still be able to read serialized files from a previous version of the class? If I use serialver to create a version ID then implement readObject(), how would I know in which order to read in the instance variables from the old serialized files?

Can a Vector or a Hashtable be serialized and deserialized?

Is there a way to serialize an object as an XML document?