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Where can I learn (more) about Java's support asynchronous and publish/subscribe messaging using JMS (Java Message Service)?

Where can I learn (more) about Java's I/O (input/output, IO) capabilities?

What is the easiest way to convert my java beans into xml?

How can i implement Serializable with my own Custom Data Format?

What's the serialver syntax to get the serialVersionUID of an array?

What does the Serializable interface do?

Where can I learn (more) about Java RMI (Remote Method Invocation)?

How can I serialize a JavaMail Message?

What is the correct order of ObjectInputStream ObjectOutputStream creation on the client and the server when sending objects over a network connection?

How can I instantiate a serialized JavaBean into an applet if my .ser file is in jar or zip archive?

What is the role of serialization in EJB?

How can I determine the byte length of an object that I serialize to a stream?

Are there any limits on the size of a serialized object?

Are classes that implement Serializable required to have no-argument constructors?

What's the difference between the SUID (Stream Unique IDentifier) and the private static member serialVersionUID?