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How can I add S/MIME support to JavaMail?

Set Permissions for Reflection? - Can i enable/disable permissions for the Reflection Mechanism?

my own java.security.policy? - I need more control over the security aspects that cannot be handled by "java.policy". Can i build my own Policy implementation?

I am trying to run RMI over a SSL connection. The Server- and ClientSocketFactories seem to be straight forward but how could I specify when I request a remote object, what keypair to use for the SSL connection. That means I can't just load the keys from a static key file, I want to pass them dynamically, at least to the client.

As one knows, JCE framework allows to use jce providers loaded from signed jars only. As a matter of fact, this restriction is much more tough - jar has to be signed by Sun or IBM, both of certificates are hardcoded. If I have some provider I completely trust, signed by any trustee other than Sun, is it legal to work it around by reflection usage, like that?

How do I change the security context for an applet when running it with applet viewer?

I need to store password digests within an Oracle8 table, with the password field mapped to a varChar(30 length) column. Can you suggest which MessageDigest(MD2, MD5 or SHA1) is more suitable? Also, how should I compare the input password and the original password digest that been stored in the database?

Does any know of a Public Key encryption algorithm that is relativly easy to use? I am encrypting xml file into a database and I would like to use keys to control access.

How do I use https to retreive a page through a proxy server requiring a login/password?

Why do I get a security exception when I use ".." in the path to try to get an image file?

Is it possible to externalize a compiler from the runtime environment when I run JSP?

How can I create a self-signed digital certificate?

What is the OpenSSL toolkit?

I'm using JSSE in order to implement SSL. I understand that SSL in JSSE uses RSA.

I'm working on a user management system for my J2ee application.