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How do I sign a JAR file using jarsigner?

Is there a Java API for PGP?

We have installed a self-signed certificate for apache mod_ssl and JSSE examples complain about the security chain AND the names not being the same, and give an exception.

My domain name is assigned for a specific IP address(normal). Because in the same WebLogic server, in the same Unix box, under the same internal IP address are running 2 applications, if the http address is like a domain name(correct one) I redirect to my application.

What signing tool to use if your applet needs to run in Microsoft Browser and netscape Browser?

I am trying to cipher a string and am using weblogic6.0, when i run it as an application the code works, but not when i put it on the application server.

I've been trying to set up jaas authentication modules.

How can I encrypt XML documents and transmit them to a remote server?

How do I pass an X509 certificate through cascading https servers?

How can I write to a file to the client with Javascript?

I am trying to import a private key generated outside of Java into my keystore with keytool.

Can I use a in-house CA to sign a JCE provider implementation?

I'm trying to create a class for a non-web application that finds out if the user currently logged in the workstation is the administrator or has administrator privileges. What is the best way of doing this?

I'm using JSSE api's to write a SSL client application.

What tools can i use to protect my Java class files from being decompiled?