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I have a Dialup connection with a Ethernet Lan card . When I have dialed up and connected to the Internet I need to know what IP address is assigned to me by the ISP. Please if anyone could help me out on this.

I want to monitor some network-printer status via java, maybe tcp/ip ....

I'm having some thoughts of how to write a wrapperclass to the Socket-class.

I am using a servlet on a high-volume web server.

Is there any open source Java ICQ client that supports sending SMS ?

I want to emulate this form :

I am trying to send a multipart/related message through http post method using URLConnection.

Where can I get some code examples demonstrating the use of J2SE 1.4's non-blocking I/O API for a client/server application?

I am trying to open a network connection (for streaming) to the applet's originiating host, but its failing. Why?

What is a Keep-Alive? How is it implemented differently in HTTP 1.0 and HTTP 1.1?

Is there an example of a chat server (aka Threaded Virtual Meeting Place)?

How can I find out who is accessing my TCP server? I would be interested in logging the IP addresses of the clients.

What is nagling? How can I disable this?

How to detect in the server that the client has closed the socket? When the client dies accidently the server goes in an infinite loop.

My problem seemed quite simple, but I have yet to find a solution.