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How can I parse a URL?

How can I obtain an IP address from a host name?

What is a URL and how can I construct one?

How can I access an NNTP newsgroup using JSP or Servlets?

I'm looking for information on how to write a java program that uses a http url connection object to request data from a servlet... however, I don't want to construct a new tcp/ip connection every time I create a request.

Java application can't estabilish network connection, if the connection came up after application start. First I'm running a the java program below with no network connection. While the program running, the network connection came up, but the application can't reach it, why?

HttpUrlConnection headache and the TIMEOUT

I am using URLConnection to simulate a browser HTTP POST. However, the website (ebay) claims I cannot accept cookies? I have tried setting the "User-Agent", "Referer" fields etc...What am I doing wrong? How do I accept cookies? A code sample would be much appreciated.

I want to interrupt an accept()-operation on a ServerSocketChannel with jdk14.

A SocketChannel that has registered with the Selector showing interest in both OP_READ and OP_WRITE

This doubt has been there in my mind regarding socket-port relationship that whether a port is associated with only one unique socket object or multiple socket objects can be associated with a single port?

In Java, is there any way of getting all the IP addresses associated with a multi-homed system?

Here is my question: I have a java serversocket application staying on a windows machine, and listening a certain port say 1111. Can I using other window's application (written in Delphi, for example) to connect this java socket and send information to, or receive response from this java application? I tried, however, I can't read anything from a client( written in Delphi).

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on if or how you can implement bandwidth throttling with java?

I need to build a small application to detect a ftp server's operating system and also it's server. Until now, I can only detect a web server's server but not the operating system (and not a ftp server :( ). Can anyone help me out?