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Where can i get a "Hello World" JNI Example for Macintosh?

Where can I get the Java Plug-in for older Netscape browsers on the Mac?

I wrote an Applet which writes in a MS Access Database using ODBC.

How do I get started with Java Development for Mac OS X?

How do I get the Mac Look and Feel on a Mac running MRJ?

How can I make right-clicks work on both NT and on a Macintosh? The Mac should work with control-click.

How do I get started with Java development on a Mac running the MRJ?

Is QuickTime for Java a Mac-only product?

Where can I get the API docs for the QuickTime for Java libraries?

Are there any tutorials available for learning how to use Apple's QuickTime for Java library?

Are there any mailing lists focused on Java development on the Macintosh using MRJ (the Macintosh Runtime for Java)?

What other FAQs are there for Java on the Macintosh-related questions?

Does JNI work with Mac OS / MRJ?

Why can't I use the Windows and Mac look and feels on other platforms?