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Why does running a command with Runtime.exec() generate output under Windows but not generate output under Linux?

Is there a DBMS which runs on Linux and everywhere else Java runs (Windows, UNIX and MacOS)?

How can I find out what Java programs are running in linux?

What Linux PDAs support Java?

What is LAMP?

User privileges and user ID for servlets

How to launch files in Linux from java applets?

Why do the JDK installations from Sun and Blackdown not work on Red Hat 7.0 systems?

How do I use Linux commands in my Java classes (e.g. ppp dialup scripts)?

How does performance of green threads compare with performance of native threads?

How can I set classpath for extensions (such as JavaMail API) on Linux?

Can I run JSP on Linux with Tomcat and Apache?

How can I print colored text from Java to a terminal such as the Linux console?

Where can I find JNI Samples and Makefiles for Linux?

Is a PersonalJava development kit available for Linux?