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Implications of using "-Xbootclasspath" - What are the common problems encountered when one decides to use the "-Xbootclasspath"? and any solutions?

How can i create standalone Java applications that can be launched just like any other Mac OS application?

Is there an alternative to JNI on MacOS?

What are the changes to JAWT (AWT Native Interface) API in JDK1.4?

Is there an article on how to call COBOL From Java (Using JNI)?

Am using -Xbootclasspath to add my custom jars, But this prevents loading custom JNI libraries from my user directory. Is there a work around?

How can I use JBuilder to make my Java program into an native executable?

Is there a JVM for embedded devices that supports JNI?

Where can i find more information about debugging JNI code in CVM?

How can i debug JNI code in IBM's VisualAge Micro Edition?

My C program opens a pipe and gets a file descriptor. Then it start a JVM with JNI and sends the file descriptor to the Java side. Is it now possible for me to write data to this pipe using the file descriptor from the Java code?

What is necessary to have an applet call a native method? DLL installation, code signing, specific security permissions needed, etc.

Can i use JDK 1.4's java.nio package to speed up my File I/O? Is there a easy to understand sample?

JDK 1.4 has introdced the concept of direct buffers. Where can i get more information and/or samples for manipulating direct buffers?

Is there a TCL-Java Bridge?