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Can i embed ActiveX controls in SWT?

What is SWT? How does it work?

EJB-JNI-Legacy Integration(C++ API)

Anyone know of a way of marking a Java thread as being a demon if it was "created" through the JNI AttachCurrentThread call?

Where can i find more information on the new Signal Chaining mechanism that has been implemented in JDK 1.4?

Is there a sample that illustrates Non-Blocking Socket I/O in JDK 1.4?

Where can i get on overview of the New I/0 Functionality for JDK 1.4?

How can i use JNI with iPlanet?

Can i write a Java Application with Irregular shaped Windows? Similar to the ones i used to with Win32 Region API?

Are there JVM's that work as a true 64-bit application?

I cannot wait for the new JDK1.4's New I/O APIs. Is there an alternative that i can use right now?

Can i setup Tomcat to run inside the web server process itself (on Netscape/IIS?), instead of running it as a separate process. Do there something available i can use or do i have to write my own JNI code for this?

Where can i find information on using JNI on OpenVMS?

What are the changes to JAWT in JDK1.4?

Is there a sample that shows how to write JNI NLM's using CodeWarrior?