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Does JNI work with Mac OS / MRJ?

Is it possible to write a single JNI native method that can dispatch to many C functions residing in any shared library (DLL)?

How can I write JNI code which can run on JDK1.1.8, JDK1.2 and MS-JVM?

How can I throw an exception from JNI code?

What is Java 2 AWT Native Interface (JAWT) and how can I use it for native rendering?

How can i embed a Java VM inside my C/C++ application?

How can i embed ActiveX controls inside a Java Application?

How can I use JNI in an applet?

How do I cut and paste a Java Image to a an external program like Microsoft Paint?

How can I load a DLL (native library) and run something inside the DLL from a Servlet using JNI on JavaWebServer in Windows NT?

What good books are there on JNI?

Can I write hardware interrupt handlers in Java using pure Java, JNI, or something else?