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How do I use the java.nio.channels package to do non-blocking I/O operations in Java 1.4?

What options are available for creating and editing PDF files?

How can I correctly parse CSV ( comma separated values ) files? StringTokenizer doesn't seem to fit many conditions.

How can I get the path of a JarEnrty?

Does the StreamTokenizer close the underlying Reader when it reaches end of stream or do I have to close it manually?

When would I ever need to use a FileDescriptor object?

Can I read individual keystrokes from System.in?

How do you programmatically create a JAR file?

How to get lastModified time of a file within a jar file on the classpath?

I am trying to add a file to existing zip archive. Using java.util.zip, I am able to add the file. But the only file in the archive is the file I just added. The method putNextEntry in ZipOutputStream class is losing the existing file in the archive.

How can I open a file in a way that it prevents other application from reading or writing to the same file?

How do I check/set for hidden files?

How do you delete a entry from a ZIP file?

How can I convert GIFs to PNGs using Java?

How do I delete a directory that isn't empty?