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Why did the toURL() method of File get deprecated in Java 6? Should I stop using it now.

How do I set the execute attribute of a file?

How do I print high-order characters to the console? Whenever I use System.out.println(), it chops off anything above seven bits.

How can I accept a password from the console without an echo? - Java 6

How do I find out the default character set for the JVM?

How do I print to a file?

Why would I want to use the Appendable interface?

What is the deal with the Closeable and Flushable interfaces?

Why can't I use Unicode supplementary characters in JDK 1.4?

How do I read formatted input from the command line?

How do I print a JTable?

How do I use the java.util.Formatter class to format output?

How do I do C-style formatted printing, like with printf?

What's the difference between a StringBuffer and StringBuilder?

How do I print a PDF file using the new JDK 1.4 printing API?