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How do I create directories in the local file system?

How can I accept a password from the console without an echo?

How can I implement a FileFilter that supports wildcards in the file pattern?

How can I save/load application settings that I would normally use .ini files or the Windows Registry?

How do I append to end of a file in Java?

How can I set file permissions for files created from Java?

How do I get FilenameFilter to work on my FileDialog?

How do I change what standard output or standard error goes to so it can go somewhere other than the console?

What happened to printf or how do I format the numbers I need to print?

How do I work with the StreamTokenizer to get number and word tokens from a file?

Can I use a BufferedOutputStream with an ObjectOutputStream to serialize an object?

How can I compress my data to save bandwidth when sending across a socket?