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What's a BOM?

How do I convert HTML form data from ASCII/HTML representation to a true Java Unicode string?

What is TMX?

I'm creating a ZIP file using java.util.zip.ZipOutputStream. If the file names of these files are in any other language other than English (e.g. Chinese) they get distorted. when I extract the ZIP file using WinZip. How do I preserve the file names?

Where can I find on-line, linkable currency converters?

I need to present a "mask" on a GUI screen representing a date in the current locale's short format, which may include a 4-digit year. How do I know which field is the year? I can get the localized pattern used by the DateFormat object, but the symbols seem to change based on the Locale!

How can I have an XML-based resource bundle?

How can I store international / Unicode characters into a cookie?

What are the considerations for searching text in Java? Are there any tools available?

In the article Internationalizing Servlets, the author states the current PropertyResourceBundle class is less efficient in a multithreaded world (like in J2EE/servlets) because it's based on Hashtable, that has synchronized calls.

How can I obtain the languages spoken in a country? For example, Locale has a private method getLanguagesForCountry, but I can't use it since it's private. Is there another way to obtain the languages spoken in a given country?

How can I set a customized currency symbol to be applied to a number?

How is non-default character encoding specified for an XML document?

What is the default encoding for HTML and XML?

How can I display the current time as GMT?