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How can I create a Collection based on another Collection?

How can I convert a Collection to an Array then back to a Collection?

What happens if two threads perform a get of one hashmap at the same time?

How do I save properties settings with the Properties class?

How do I load property settings with the Properties class?

Where can I find an example of the Java 1.4 LinkedHashSet and LinkedHashMap classes?

Is Vector's clone method thread-safe?

How can I add an array of objects to a collection?

What's new to the Collections Framework in Java 1.4?

How can I go through an Iterator mulitple times?

How do I traverse a sorted set backwards?

How do I traverse a map backwards?

When will Java have support for type-safe collections?

How can I use two iterators to go through a collection?

Where can I find performance comparisons between the different collection implementations?