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What is the purpose of the CopyOnWriteArrayList and CopyOnWriteArraySet collections?

How do I make a copy of an array?

How can I insert an element into a List?

What is the difference between a Stack and a Queue?

How can I create an immutable List consisting of n Copies of an Object?

How can I find the maximum element contained within a Collection?

What is the easiest way to obtain a Map Entry?

Is there a way determine how many times an Object occurs within a Collection?

How can I create a read only Collection?

How can I get a sorted list of keys that are contained within a Map?

How can I traverse a List backwards?

How can i tell if two Collections contain the same elements or have no elements in common?

How can I shuffle the elements of a Collection?

What are Generics and how can I use them?

How can I define my own Comparable type so that it can be naturally sorted within a List?