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What purpose does the newSetFromMap() method offer if I can just create something like a HashSet instead of a HashMap?

What is a Deque?

What are the differences between Vector and ArrayList? Which is best to use?

Why should all Comparators be Serializable?

What does Class<String> mean?

What does Class<String> mean?

What is the natural ordering of a Boolean? Does FALSE come first or second?

How do I create a multimap in Java?

What is a multimap?

What is a multimap?

How can I detect if a duplicate is added to a Set?

Is it better to use a for-each loop or an Iterator with a collection?

Why do I keep getting an UnsupportedOperationException thrown when I try some collection operations?

What implementations of the Deque interface does Java offer?

How do you pronounce Deque?