Core Java Technology Section Index

What is NIO.2?

What is Project Coin (JSR 334)?

What is InvokeDynamic (JSR 292)?

What are the new features in Java 7?

What is the Fork/Join framework (JSR 166y)?

How do I split a space or comma-separated list?

How can the following throw a NullPointerException?

What is the klist tool that comes with the JDK?

What purpose does the newSetFromMap() method offer if I can just create something like a HashSet instead of a HashMap?

What is a Deque?

Access Denied error in frames.When I try to access a child frame from parent frame I get "Access Denied Error".

How do you just the @Deprecated annotation?

What's a BOM?

How can I determine if a thread is alive?

On a linux machine to get the local IP address.