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How do I make text typed in a TextArea appear in uppercase only?

Which Swing component methods are thread-safe and not required to run in the event dispatch thread?

How do I ensure a specific row is visible in my JTable?

How do I get all the font names supported by java using jdk1.1.8?

How do I delete a row from a JTable?

How do I capture a screendump of a Swing-based GUI?

I'm using the Java Plug-in and need to modify the policy file. Why isn't the Plug-in picking up my changes?

How do I load an HTML file synchronously into an HTMLDocument?

How do I find out which mouse button is pressed for a MouseEvent?

How do I run Swing Applets in a Browser?

How do I change the current look and feel of my Swing program?

How do I find out the screen size of the user's machine?

My graphics card only supports 16 colors. Can I still use Java?

How do I get an applet to load a new page into the browser?

How can I download a file (for instance, a Microsoft Word document) from a server using a servlet and an applet?