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What are the main differences between applets and applications?

How do I select a row (or rows) in a JTable?

How do I extend permissions to an applet without editing the policy file manually?

What is a peer?

How do I download a (binary, text, executable) file from a servlet or JSP?

How do I open and redirect to a popup window from a servlet? (Under certain circumstances I want my servlet to bust out of the frames and redirect to another servlet or page.)

How do I create an image (GIF, JPEG, etc.) on the fly from a servlet?

How can I highlight some text in an inactive textfield?

SSN Validation Are there any guides to validating social security numbers?

Why doesn't the Windows L&F use the same Fonts as Windows?

Ensuring that previous graphical objects do not get erased with every repaint I'm trying to create a MS-Paint Style whiteboard for collaborative work across the net.

Browser Page idle for 3 minutes Is it possible to find out if the browser page is idle for some time and prompt to the user?

Is it possible to trigger events as each frame of an animated GIF89A image is displayed?

How can an applet detect whether it's running behind a firewall or not?

How can I detect when a user has bookmarked a site? Is there any method to trap the event?