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How do you find out if the user's platform supports adding applications to the system tray?

How do I specify an icon to include with a message over a system tray application icon?

How do I know what size icon to use for an application on the system tray?

How do I clear the selection in a ButtonGroup such that no elements of the associated set of abstract buttons are selected?

When dropping an object over a JTree, how do you determine the node being dropped over?

When having a droppable JTree, how do I change the default behavior of using selection to see the active drop target?

When creating a Yes/No JOptionPane, how do I default the value to No instead of Yes?

What accessible roles were added to the 1.4 J2SE accessibility API?

How can I find out if my application is being used with a screen magnifier?

Which accessible interfaces were added for J2SE 1.4?

What is the purpose of AccessibleExtendedComponent?

What screen readers are available for Swing-based programs?

Does Java work with Windows Vista?

How can I print the contents of a JTable as a report? - J2SE 5

Are there any predefined file filters for a JFileChooser?