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what is the difference between JavaScript & AJAX? For what purpose AJAX is used ? what is the abbrevation for AJAX?

Javascript function registration We register 2 functions against the same event of a component - but in different ways.

javascript not working properly in Mozilla v1.0 but same code is working fine in IE v6.0

How can I call a Java method from Javascript?

Is it possible to set session variables from javascript?

What is jrunscript?

find out if a browser is closing with js:

Learn by 100 examples! With an editor, you can edit the source code, and click on a test button to view the result.A useful tutorial by w3schools. You can edit the code and view the result at the same time.

How can I detect whether my popup window is blocked by a popup blocker?

Use of right technology at right place I have three coding technologies javascript,jsp,servlets.

How to handle Enter Key. I need to build html code which every time user press enter key on a input text tag, following input box must be focused.

How to check whether an HTML form variable exists

I am having problems with some JavaScript in a form I am putting together. I require the script to set the value of the text field 'mla6' in the form 'cq' to the combined total of the values in 'mla2' and 'mla4'.

can I write the scriptlet into a function and call it pls respond urgent?

How to determine whether a user has a flash player installed on their system using java script.