What are the new features in JavaFX 2.0?

Oracle describes JavaFX 2.0 as "the next step in the evolution of Java as a rich client platform." It aims to simplify development and reduce development time for data-driven enterprise applications. The 2.0 release adds the following features to the capabilities of the previous version:

  • Java APIs that allow developers to use their favorite Java development tools to create JavaFX applications.
  • A new graphics engine that includes the Prism hardware accelerated graphics pipeline and the Glass windowing toolkit, which are designed to support modern GPUs.
  • FXML, a declarative markup language similar to XML.
  • A new multimedia engine based on the GStreamer multimedia framework.
  • A Web component for embedding webpages in JavaFX applications.
  • A new browser plug-in.
  • New interface controls for Charts, Tables, Menus, and Panes, plus an API for creating additional controls.
  • Sample applications.
  • Updates to doclet, which allows Javadoc to generate documentation for JavaFX applications.

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