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What is a FileDataSource?

How can I access an already initialised (in a jsp) JavaBean with "application" scope in a standard Java class. When I try to create the bean it creates another instance of the application scoped JavaBean rather than using the one that already exists.

Can we run BDK 1.0 with JDK 1.2 or JDK 1.3?

What is the unregbean program that comes with the Sun JDK?

Can I specify a custom class loader to load my beans?

How do I order my property descriptors in my custom property sheet dialog? It seems that getPropertyDescriptors() returns them in a very arbitruary fashion!!

If I set the same custom property editor for two or more properties in the same bean, how do I identify which property is being changed?

What are the differences between Infobus and the JavaBeans Activation Framework? Why would I choose one over the other?

Where can I find a tutorial for a beginner to intermediate level Java Programmer to start learning about JavaBeans?

With regards to JavaBeans, what is a manifest file and how is it used?

How do I generate an application when using the bean box tool?

What is the difference between an ActiveX control and a JavaBean component?

How can I access EJBs from JavaBeans Components?

Is a Java Bean a server side component or client side component?

What is a servlet bean?