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How can I make a TextArea Word-Wrap?

I need to learn more about printing in JDK 1.1; I cannot use Java 2 and its Java 2D printing support. Can you suggest any references?

How can I capture and modify the value of the key pressed before it will be displayed in the TextArea ?

Is there any way to make a Canvas be double buffered?

How can I place an image on an AWT button?

What is going on behind the scenes when I add a Component (like a button) to a Container (like a Frame)?

Can I set the cursor larger than 32x32 pixels?

How can I get an Image's resolution (dpi)?

If multiple listeners are added to a button, in which order they will be processed?

How do I develop a resize mechanisim for a Java GUI?

Is it possible to show a a modal dialog in the destroy() method of an applet? If so, how?

Where can I find good information on GUI design guidelines?

How can I display a rectangle with centered text?

I have a Frame filled with components (including panels filled with components) -- the nesting gets deep. How can I make the same pop-up menu show no matter where I click within the frame, preferably without registering with every nested component?

How can I get the position of the mouse pointer in a TextArea so that I can insert a String at that position?