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How can I perform a task while the mouse is pressed, stopping when the mouse is released?

How can I get Pixel Info (width, height, pixel colors) for a text string?

How can I officially detect if AWT has been loaded? (I want to display a message in a dialog if AWT is in use, or in the console if AWT isn't in use)

How can I draw a raised border around an AWT component?

Which layouts respect which sizing methods?

Why does GridLayout not respect my row and column parameters?

How do I create radio buttons in AWT?

How can I check if the user clicked cancel in my P… How can I check if the user clicked cancel in my PrinterJob printing dialog?

How can I determine the preferred size of a component immediately after creating it?

How can I determine the currently-focused component?

What is the difference between AWT and SWT?

How can I make user only run one instance of my GUI application?

How can I extend the Graphics class to add a new drawing method?

Can Images respond to mouse events?

How can I display text vetically in a Canvas?