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How can I capture the image of an AWT GUI?

How do I convert an in-memory bitmap to something that is usable by JAVA?

When used in an Applet/JApplet, does a Frame/JFrame show up inside the web page or as a new window?

How do I center a dialog on top of a frame?

How can I simulate user interaction (key press, mouse click) on a component?

How do I use layout managers to compose a GUI?

Can I use the Java2D capabilities with the 1.1 Java runtime environment?

How do I get the native window pointer to an AWT Window?

How do I get rid of the Unsigned Java Applet Window message at the bottom of windows/frames I create in my applet?

When do I use adapter classes vs. interfaces in "new" expressions for event handling?

How do you change the coffee cup icon that appears in the top corner of frames?

How do we build a TabbedPane component using AWT?

How do I create a window that always stays on top of my application?

How do you create custom cursors with the Java 2 platform?

How are individual pixels represented in memory?