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Can I use CAB files and JAR files with the same applet?

How do I change the default message that appears when the Java Plug-in loads an applet?

With the Java Plug-in, how to I change the progress bar color?

With the Java Plug-in, how to do I change the font color for the messages when the applet is loading?

With the Java Plug-in, how do I change the default applet window background color?

Netscape Communicator browsers permit automatically starting the Java runtime at browser startup by specifying a -java command-line option. Is there any way to auto-start the Java Plug-in at browser startup with Internet Explorer, instead of having to wait until first needed?

Where should I copy the class file of applet in Tomcat? Where should I copy respective HTML file?

Is it possible to use the addShutdownHook or runFinalizersOnExit (Class Runtime) to trigger the shutdown of IE or the plugin.

How do I change the default Locale for an applet?

I tried to load an applet that didn't subclass java.applet.Applet and Internet Explorer didn't complain. What's up?

My applet works fine locally, but after transfering it to my web server, it doesn't work any more. What could the problem be?

Is the destroy() method of an applet guaranteed to run?

How does installing an applet locally affect the applet security model?

Other langauges can be compiled to Java byte codes. Can I use them to create applets, or does the security model prevent this?

Is the getApplet() method case sensitive?