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How can I change the size of an Applet/JApplet in a Web Page?

I'm using the Java Plug-in and need to modify the policy file. Why isn't the Plug-in picking up my changes?

How do I run Swing Applets in a Browser?

How do I get an applet to load a new page into the browser?

How can I download a file (for instance, a Microsoft Word document) from a server using a servlet and an applet?

How do I communicate with a JSP page from an applet?

When I try to load a .gif as an ImageIcon in a JLabel in my applet, a security exception (checkread) is thrown. The same code works with appletviewer. Why does this happen and how do I correct it?

Is it true that my RMI applet can make socket connections only to the host from which the applet was downloaded from?

I just installed the Java Plug-in within my browser, and now, System.out.println is no longer sending messages to my browser's Java console. Why?

How can my applet or application communicate with my servlet?