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For the Java developer exam, there is a requirement that the flat file database has to be converted into a binary fromat. What do they mean by this?

Am I able to change the code (Data class, etc) provided by Sun for the Java Developer Certification 1.2 or must I use it as it is?

Heard that IBM is conducting Java Certification. Can anybody provide details of the Simulator Test provided by them for the certification process?

Is it necessary for me to be certified as a Java Programmer and Developer before taking up the Java Architect exam?

What is the required fees for the Sun Certified Java Architect exam In India?

Where is the web page which gives complete details on the Sun-certified Java Programmer exam?

Has the SJCP-2 syllabus changed? If so, what is the new syllabus?

What is the required fees for the Sun Certified Java Architect exam?

Should I really read the Java Language Specification and the Java Virtual Machine Specification?

Where can I learn about Oracle's Java-related certification initiatives?

Has Sun announced anything regarding programmer certification for the JDK 1.3 platform?

Where can I find help (suggested readings, mock exams, links, etc.) in preparing for the IBM certification test OOA&D in UML (test 486)?

Where is the official Sun site for Java certification?

Most certification books simply skim the details of bitwise shifts and their purpose. Is there any book or site that explains the concepts in detail?

How can I prepare for the Sun Certified Java Architect Exam other than taking Sun's $2000 class?