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Where can I get more information on the Sun Certified WEB COMPONENT DEVELOPER FOR J2EE PLATFORM exam?

Are there any forums or discussion groups for the newly announced Sun Web Component Developer Exam?

Does Java use pass by value or pass by reference semantics when passing parameters to methods?

Can anyone please provide me the preparation methodology(Books,articles, tutorials and mock tests) for IBM's certification on XML and related technologies-Test 140 in detail?

HP-Bluestone certification programs. Where can I learn about HP-Bluestone's Java certification-related initiatives?

Where can I get details on the "Oracle-certified Java Developer" program?

Where can I find the objectives for the WebLogic Server Certification Test?

What are the prerequisites for the WebLogic Server Certification Test?

What are the objectives of the WebLogic Server 6.0 Developer Certification Test?

Where can I get details regarding being an IBM Certified WebSphere Developer?

Any tips on taking IBM's OOAD with UML certification test?

Is there a book/study guide for the Certified Java Architect exam? If so, what is it called? If not, what are some other good references?

Are there any special classes/courses I can attend to help me prepare to take the Sun-certified Java Programmer and Developer exams?

What is a reasonable amount of time needed to complete the programming assignment towards the Sun certified Java Developer certification?

What is the JCert Initiative?