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what is the difference between JavaScript & AJAX? For what purpose AJAX is used ? what is the abbrevation for AJAX?

How can I call a Java method from Javascript?

Is there any way that an AJAX object can get back a record set?

Is it possible to set session variables from javascript?

Cannot parse XML generated by JSP I am generating an XML using JSP, when i run the JSP in IE it shows the XML as per DOM, but when i try to parse it using Javascript , the command xmldoc.documentElement returns null instead of the root node. How should i Parse this XML ?

Can I use Ajax with Microsoft's .NET?

Are there any frameworks available to help speedup development with AJAX?

How do I test my AJAX code?

What exactly is the W3C DOM?

How do I abort the current XMLHttpRequest?

How do I get the XMLHttpRequest object?

Is AJAX code cross browser compatible?

What browsers support AJAX?

Where can I find examples of AJAX?

What is the XMLHttpRequest object?