Dollface is a series about celebrating friendship over relationships. It is an American TV comedy series. Dollface’s creator is Jordan Weiss. The show is available on Hulu. Season one was released on November 15, 2019. In January 2020, the series received a renewal for season 2. The show got a positive response from viewers. On Rotten Tomatoes, the show has an average rating of 5.7 out of 10. People deemed it average and received mixed reviews.


The main leading four ladies are:

  • Kat Dennings as Jules Wiley
  • Brenda Song as Madison Maxwell (Jules’ best friend)
  • Shay Mitchell as Stella Cole
  • Esther Povitsky as Izzy Levine

Some other characters in the series are Beth Grant as Cat Lady, Connor Hines as Jeremy(Jules ex-boyfriend), Brianne Howey as Alison B., Vella Lovell as Alison S., Malin Åkerman as Celeste and Goran Visnjic as Colin.


The story is about a girl Jules, whose long-time boyfriend leaves her. His absence makes her realize how lonely she was and how her life revolved around him, Jeremy. She feels the need to reconnect with her friends for a sense of normalcy. Jules wants to connect with her former best friend Madison whom she completely neglected during her relationship. As well as her other friends Stella and Izzy also enter the picture. In conclusion, a lot of drama and exciting things happen in season one.

Season one ended with a cliffhanger. Therefore a second season has to make up for it. The upcoming series will be about the bond between these friends.

Release Date 

The coronavirus pandemic halted a lot of productions. Dollface season two productions also had this setback. The makers are speculating on resuming their work by January 2021. Hulu has yet to announce details about Dollface Season two. There is no release date yet. However, we could expect season two to release in 2021. Stay tuned for more updates.