Democrats send the accusation against Donald Trump to us Senate on Monday, at the formal opening of the second political trial against the previous president, accused of “inciting the insurgency” during the coup against the Capitol. but every week after leaving the White House, the Republican tycoon is once more dominating the news in Washington as his successor, Democrat Joe Biden, continues to sign dozens of bills during a bid to revive the world’s largest economy and fight back. the pandemic.

Accused of “inciting the insurgency” by the House of Representatives on January 13, Trump became the primary US president to face impeachment twice. you’ll now become the primary to face impeachment after leaving office. The formal opening of this trial is going to be marked tonight by a solemn ceremony. Around 7:00 PM (00:00 GMT Tuesday), Democratic House “prosecutors” will cross the long hallways decorated with paintings and statues that separate them from the Senate to present the indictment against the 45th President of us.

They accuse Trump of getting incited his supporters to storm the headquarters of Congress on Epiphany, while parliamentarians certified the victory of his rival within the presidential elections. The attack, which left five dead, shocked us and led many Republicans to denounce the behavior of the stormy billionaire. But a Senate conviction seems unlikely at this stage because the land mogul has numerous supporters. Following the transmission of the indictment on Monday, the senators, who will function jurors, are going to be sworn in on Tuesday. The trial itself will begin on February 9.That delay will allow several members of Biden’s cabinet to be confirmed by the Senate within the meantime. Today afternoon the upper house must approve the appointment of Janet Yellen as secretary of the Treasury. The confirmation vote for the future head of diplomacy Antony Blinken isn’t yet scheduled but is estimated to be in the week. Biden also hopes to use this fortnight to push Congress for several important steps. However, the centerpiece of his proposals, a titanic decision to jumpstart the economy and fight the $ 1.9 trillion pandemics, might be difficult to adopt as is, counting on opposition from Republicans.

Since last Wednesday, Democrats have taken control of the Senate, while they already had the lower house. within the upper house, they now have 50 seats, an equivalent number because the Republicans, with the difference that within the event of a tie during a vote the new vice-chairman Kamala Harris has the decisive vote. But 60 votes are needed to pass the most reforms. And two-thirds of the Senate condemn Donald Trump, meaning that for this the Democrats should obtain the support of 17 Republicans. the variety that seems elusive, albeit the influential legislator, Mitch McConnell, has not ruled out condemning Trump.I find this judgment stupid. I feel it’ll be counterproductive, Republican Senator Marco Rubio thundered on Fox Sunday. The country is already ablaze and it’s like pouring gasoline on this hearth. Many Republican senators consider it unconstitutional to subject a former president to impeachment. However, others support this procedure. If we would like this country to unite, it’s important to acknowledge that responsibility, truth, and justice are needed, Mitt Romney said Sunday on Fox. This former presidential candidate was the sole Republican senator to convict Trump within the first impeachment trial in February. 2020