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Legendary Staffel 3: Bei HBO Max verlängert

Legendary Staffel 3: Bei HBO Max verlängert

HBO renewed its legendary ballroom competition series for a third Season.

MC Dashaun Wesley, Jamela Jamil, and Law Roach, judges, will return to the series from Queer Eye producer Scout Productions.

This comes one week after Megan Thee Stallion’s performance at the end of the second season.

Legendary is a collection of voguing homes, each with five performers and a leader known as the house mother. Each episode features a themed ball and the teams compete in a contest. Each episode reveals more about the house and its performers, as they share their inspiring and moving backstories.

The first season was shot in New York, while the second featured LA-area houses. It is not yet clear where season 3 will be shot.

Maldonado recently stated to Deadline that the series had brought new respect to the ballroom community. This has been an inspiration to everything from Madonna’s “Vogue”, to Beyonce.

She said, “This show has attracted a lot more people and earned a lot of respect for our community.” “I feel that the ballroom community has prepared for competition, and the competition they bring to this show will be something you won’t find anywhere else.”
“We’ve just scratched the surface when it came to showcasing ballroom,” stated Jennifer O’Connell (Executive Vice President, Nonfiction Family Programming, HBO Max). “We are excited again to work with Scout to take this show even higher in season three and continue shining a light on these compelling tales.”

“We are delighted to be back with our friends at HBO Max, along with our legendary judges and MC Dashaun Wesley for a third series,” said Rob Eric, Scout Productions Chief Creative Officer, and executive producers. “We are excited to see the next season’s talent as we continue to show the amazing world of ballroom.

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