Cursed is an American fantasy drama that is adopted from a novel of the same name written by Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler. The concept of the show is retelling Arthurian legend through the eyes of Nimue. Season 1 was very successful. Read more to know about an upcoming season 2.


Season one commenced on a major cliffhanger that leaves us wondering whether Nimue is dead or not. Nimue is attacked by Sister Iris when she tries to escape the execution by the Red Paladins. She falls wounded into the waterfall. With quite some loose strands, season two is a must to give closure to the characters.

With the revealing of Squirrel as Percival and Weeping Monk as Lancelot from the legend, season two has a lot to offer. Unlike season 1 there is no book for reference, neither for fans nor for the writers. The plot ahead is all based on where the characters will lead to. One thing is for sure season 2 needs to bring Nimue and Arthur back together because we want to see the love between them amongst all the adventure and action.


The probable cast members are Katherine Langford as Nimue, Devon Terrell as Arthur, Gustaf Skarsgård as Merlin, Daniel Sharman as Weeping Monk aka Lancelot, Billy Jenkins as Squirrel aka Percival, Lily Newmark as Pym, Peter Mullan as Father Carden, Shalon Brune-Franklin as Igraine/Morgana, Bella Dayne as Red Spear/Guinevere, Matt Stokoe as Green Knight/ Gawain and Emily Coastes as Sister Iris. Since none of these died in the previous season they will be present in season two.

Release Date 

There has been no confirmation from Netflix yet about season two. Also, we should keep in mind that the series recently released in July 2020. Therefore, no announcement from Netflix is justified. Till then watch other fantasy series on Netflix.