Open a trading account right from your mobile phone. Join more than 30,000 investors and trade more than 820 trading assets at your fingertips with Coins-Capital.

As a well-informed investor, it is essential to pick and choose the right agent to get you started. Most agents, or brokers as they are called in the financial world, have a variety of facilities on offer. Our concern as investors is that those facilities need to be simple and always provide easy access. Hence, we have discovered Coins-Capital, a broker committed to making trading easier for its clients.

What Is On Offer With Coins-Capital?

In today’s digital day and age, it is imperative to always remain one step ahead of the rest. This is why online trading is garnering so much traction. As the financial world expands, so do trading opportunities. It is up to the well-informed client to make smarter investing decisions by choosing the right trading platform.

Opening A Live Account With Coins-Capital

When you visit the Coins-Capital website, you will come across a signing-up form that will look something like this:

First Name: Last Name:
Country Code: Phone Number:
Password: Confirm Password:
Promo Code (If any)

Once you click the submit button, you will be contacted by client support within 24 hours to verify your details and begin trading immediately.

Getting Value And Reliability All In One With Coins-Capital

Coins-Capital offers customers peace of mind in terms of the level of security. The client can trade in peace knowing that stringent measures are in place to ensure market-leading measures of encryption and firewalls are in place. Security of transactions, security of funds, and security of data are essential features embedded within Coins-Capital’s trading platform.

Product Offerings

Coins-Capital is offering a range of trading products; around 820 products feature on their platform alone.

Some examples of their product offerings are:

shares All top company stocks are available to trade
stock indices Xetra Dax, Dow Jones, NYSE, CAC 40, JPX, FTSE 100, S&P 500
currency pairings USD/JPY, USD/GBP, USD/ EUR
Cryptocurrency pairings Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple XRP
Commodities Gold, silver, oil, and agriculture
CFD’s Contracts for Differences available on all major products

Investing In Cryptocurrencies With Coins-Capital

Cryptocurrencies are a very lucrative asset to trade. This is because the quick price volatility allows for superb gains in a short period of time. Nowadays, investors are using cryptocurrency to hedge their portfolio risks as crypto offers a much-needed diversity in a portfolio of traditional assets. Similarly, currency pairings nowadays can also include crypto paired with fiat currencies. The limited supply of cryptocurrency makes it a great store of value, something that won’t lose traction over time.

Speed and agility are key when trading crypto. And Coins-Capital offers you this advantage at your fingertips.

Trading Commodities With Coins-Capital

When it comes to trading shares and indices, it is not backed by any particular asset as such. Stocks are based on company reputation and company performance, whereas indices are backed by the worth of publicly traded companies listed on them. However, commodities offer a unique advantage: they are tied to the value of the asset being traded, something that is solid in nature. Commodities such as gold, oil, gas, and silver have gained major traction over the years as an asset of choice for savvy investors. Gold, for example, has been considered the safest choice of investment over the years. Gold is often considered equal to cash as it is so easy to use it as a medium of exchange. Most investors seek to diversify their portfolios by buying gold. This offers a much-needed hedge against market risk; even if the entire market dips, gold will retain its value.

Closing Comments About Coins-Capital

Now that you have learned all the advantages of choosing Coins-Capital, it will be imperative to learn that their fees and commissions are on the high side. Naturally, any broker offering spectacular features is bound to be expensive.

When we weigh the pros and cons equally, it seems that Coins-Capital is a worthy choice of platform for investors.

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