On November 11, NBC released the premiere of season 8 of the fan-favorite police drama Chicago PD after the long wait that kept fans in a state of anxiety.

Chances are, some Chicago PD fans don’t see Haley Upton as everyone’s favorite; But if you adore Voight, the character of Tracy Spiridakos shouldn’t be left out as one of the drama’s most beloved.

As fans know, in Chicago PD Hailey Upton tends to break the rules while on duty. Much like his boss, the intelligence unit lead sergeant.

This attitude of Upton in Chicago PD, resulted in Voight sending her to the FBI. Somehow, the sergeant is trying to prevent the officer from becoming what he represents, the tough policeman who solves everything in his way when catching the bad guys, crossing the border of the law.

Fans witnessed Chicago PD season 7 tension rising between Upton and Voight after a criminal informant for the officer was killed. She suspected that the sergeant was primarily responsible for that death.

From that moment, in Chicago PD Upton began to do things like Voight, which led to intensifying the relationship with the sergeant; and from there, he was sent to the FBI, where he was seen to prosper together with his partner, in solving a murder case and a drug theft.

However, Hailey Upton returned with season 8 of Chicago PD According to some reports, the officer should have spent more time with the FBI, but the coronavirus situation did not allow it when the production of the CBS series was halted due to the blocking.

Although Upton returned to Chicago PD it is unknown if he will return with the FBI at some point. The trailer for the next episode to be released in January shows his return to the NBC crime drama, and also gives a glimpse of how well he did with the FBI.

the FBI appears to insist on recruiting Upton, and removing her from Chicago PD, for the character to have a leading role with the FBI.