Calls the Heart Season 9

When Calls the Heart Season 9 Updates: Hallmark has renewed the favored family drama series for the ninth season, which was announced by the star Irene Krakow within the video message of the season 8 finale on Sunday night. The new season will premiere in 2022.

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The series has grown into a competitive Sunday graveyard watch, continues to grow in viewership year after year, and is one of the top-rated cable shows!

To celebrate the pickup, When Calls the Heart cast expressed their gratitude and excitement for an additional year of adventure and romance within the Hope Valley.

I am very happy and pleased with what we’ve inbuilt in the past over a few years, Krakow told ET Deidre Behar about the renewal of the program. I love my job such a lot. I like the people I work with. I like our cute little town, Hope Valley, and I’m so grateful to travel to figure a day. I’m so grateful that I can do what I’m crazy with.

When Calls the Heart Season 9 Renewal Status

Calls the Heart Season 9

We are very lucky. I’m sure I even have said that before et al. have said that before, but we are very lucky with our cast and crew, but especially with our cast, that we all get along alright, and that we do all are.

I’m excited that we will work together for an additional four and a half to 5 months which we will tell more stories in Hope Valley and explore what’s getting to happen. Next then to be ready to share this with the audience and to experience it more, said co-star Chris McNally. There are not many downsides. Everything is great. Everything is extremely happy.

There are tons of stories to inform, agreed Kevin McGarry. The way we ended season 8 exposes multiple storylines and requires the show in an exciting new direction, and yes, I’m excited.

Regarding the story they need to inform in season 9, Krakow and McNally said that they’re curious about the prospect of where Elizabeth and Lucas will accompany a replacement formal relationship.