Every League of Legends player throughout their career dreamed of playing in the highest tiers of competitive ranked play. Unfortunately, most people don’t fulfill this dream because of their real-life responsibilities, and others just lack the skill, motivation, or time required to get to the highest ranks. Luckily, there is a way to reach any rank in League of Legends without breaking a sweat, and it’s called elo boosting. It is a process in which you hire a pro player to play on your account and increase your rank. However, picking the right boosting website is crucial as you can be ripped off financially, and your account can be banned if you choose the wrong people to boost you.

#1 Turboboost.gg

The positives

Our definitive #1 pick for the best boosting website on the market goes to Turboboost.gg, created by the team behind Turbosmurfs.gg, the world’s best smurfing website.

The prices

Turboboost has the lowest boosting prices that offer the most value for each dollar spent. In addition, it has the best deals for any boost, offering insanely excellent service, and you can always find discount codes on its website to further sweeten the deal.

Booster’s quality 

Regarding the quality of the individual boosters, every one of them is a Grandmaster+ player, which means that they’re ranked among the top 0.01% of players on their respective servers. Additionally, you can find the games their boosters recently dominated while smurfing on their website. Last but not least, all of their boosters use VPN protection as well as offline mode, which means your account won’t get restricted in any way.

Other features

Turboboost also offers a variety of boosting options such as placement match boosting, duo boosting or net win boosting. The reviews of their previous customers are flawless, and they have a 5-star rating on Trustpilot, in addition to its 40,000+ happy customers if you include Turbosmurfs. Lastly, if you’re ever dissatisfied with your order, you can swap your booster or request a refund. All in all, Turboboost ticks all of the boxes for a perfect LoL boosting site, and they’re our #1 pick. 

#2 theBoostify.com

The positives

Numerous payment methods and good prices

Theboostify is another example of a boosting website with a lot of longevity and tradition behind it. They have over two thousand positive reviews which describe mostly satisfying experiences with the website, which is very encouraging before committing a purchase. 

Another positive aspect of their website that most other websites don’t have is the fact that they accept over 170 payment methods such as BTC, Skrill, Paypal, etc. They also have a detailed list of previously completed boosts as well as a page where you can see all of their boosters’ profiles. Their prices are also really competitive and match with some of the best prices on the market.

The negatives

Inexperienced boosters

When it comes to the negatives of this website, they’re truly few and far between, but one of the biggest cons is the fact that a lot of the boosters which are advertised or recommended don’t have any boosting history or comments on their profile. Some of the boosters also aren’t ranked highly enough to complete the orders that require them to boost someone to the highest ranks in LoL.

#3 Elo-boost.net

The positives

Good prices and unique boosting options

Eloboost.net is another stellar choice when it comes to picking the best boosting site, as they possess all of the necessary qualities. First of all, their prices are up there with some of the best prices on the market and the fees they charge are very reasonable. On top of that, you can handpick the champion your booster will play with, the lane, and other intricacies that regard your boost completely free of charge. You can also order peculiar and unique boosts such as normal draft boosting, level boosting, as well as clash boosting, should you ever require those services.

The negatives

Lack of payment methods

Undoubtedly the biggest disadvantage of using this site’s service is the fact that they only enable two forms of payment which are PayPal and Stripe. This can prove to be extremely annoying if you’re someone who only pays directly through a credit card or through BTC.

#4 Boostingfactory.com

The positives

Loyalty program, refund options

Halfway through our list, we’ll take a look at the boostingfactory website which is a solid choice for anyone looking for a reliable boosting website that will boost you without much fuss. They boast all of the usual qualities of a good boosting website, such as real-time boost tracking, live chat/customer support, and many options when it comes to the boost’s customization. On top of that, they have a loyalty program that also rewards you with frequent discounts should you continue to use their services. One of their biggest upsides is the fact that you can request a full refund or a partial refund if you’re not satisfied with the speediness of your order or with its quality.

The negatives

Prices, lack of reviews

While there aren’t any pinpointable cons and negatives when it comes to this website, there are a few details that you should consider. 

The two red flags are the fact that they don’t have that many reviews on their website in comparison to their competition, and while most of them are positive, there are websites with many more reviews than the boostingfactory. Pair that up with the fact that there are websites out there with better prices, and you’ll probably look elsewhere for your boosting needs.

#5 Boosteria.org

The positives

Free adjustments and the booster’s quality

One of Boosteria’s biggest pros is the fact that their boosters are elite, and you can customize your boosting order to a high degree. You can customize details such as the champions that the boost will be performed with or request boost streaming, completely free of charge. Furthermore, you can handpick the booster you prefer to boost your account for a small fee. Boosteria also boasts the usual qualities of a good boosting website such as customer support, live chat, and different payment methods. 

The negatives

The cost

The only negative aspect of choosing Boosteria is the hefty price tag that comes along with its services. The default prices for their LoL boosts are often 50% higher than the prices of their competitors, and they only get lower if you have a discount code that gets displayed on their website. Sadly, those codes get distributed in limited quantities on a daily basis which can leave you empty-handed upon checkout and with a sizable fee you have to pay.

#6 Lolboosts.com

The positives 

Website design

Probably the biggest selling point of the entire website is the simplicity of the website and user-friendliness. Lolboosts doesn’t boost in multiple games, so you won’t get clogged with advertisements about boosts in games you don’t care about. Their website is very simple to navigate, and they provide all of the necessary variations if you don’t want the basic experience but you rather prefer a boost that satisfies certain specifics such as private streaming, express priority, or score normalization.

The negatives

The cost

There isn’t a particular major negative that will dissuade a buyer from using this specific website, but there are certain aspects that might present an inconvenience. For example, the cost of boosting is not optimal, and it’s higher than the average fee the websites of this type charge. Furthermore, you need to pay an additional fee if you want private streaming, specific champions, or priority boosting, which is free on a lot of other websites. While Lolboosts is a page that will get the job done, there are many other websites that will provide you with a better service.

#7 Eloboost24.eu

When you talk about the most notorious and well-known boosting sites on the market, you simply have to mention EB24 in some capacity. The reputation of this site is probably its biggest selling point, given how many years they’ve been at the top of the game. 

The positives

The variety 

There are numerous positives about their website, most notably the variety of services that they provide, which include boosting in various games, account selling, and trading, as well as coaching on multiple platforms. 

The prices and demo games

Furthermore, they offer a demo version of their boosts in which you can try a single boost game before committing the final purchase. Last but not least, their prices are really competitive in comparison to the other entries on our list, which may leave you wondering why they are placed so low. 

The negatives

Toxic boosters

The biggest downside of EB24 is the fact that the employed boosters are often toxic, and there have been instances in the past when the boosters were unfriendly to the teammates of the accounts they’re boosting or to the customers themselves. This type of behavior is unacceptable in this sort of business, and as a buyer, it can leave you with a restriction on your League account or a sour taste in your mouth after having any interactions with the booster.

#8 Eloboost.com

The positives

We’ll start with the positives, though, and the first positive lies in the fact that they offer multiple services apart from regular LoL boosting, which include coaching, TFT boosting, as well as placement boosting, win boosting, and Duo Queue boosting. Additionally, they have an entire section devoted to their boosters, including their best achievements, a list of their favorite champions as well as a short paragraph about themselves. 

The negatives

The website does not function

The aspect of their service, which is a big letdown, is the fact that their website is nigh unusable. For example, the website takes ages to render whenever you try to redirect yourself to another section of the site. Additionally, the division selector doesn’t work in most cases, and it can take you about 15 minutes just to choose the details of your boost before getting started. 

The price

If you ever manage to adjust the details of your boost, you’ll be met with a price that sits well above the average boosting price that these websites usually charge. Another thing you should consider is if your LP gains are low enough (under 14LP per game), this website has a right to charge you up to 30% of the boost’s total fee after checkout. While there are some positives when it comes to Eloboost’s service, there are overwhelming negatives that create a poor experience when you purchase an eloboost from them. 

#9 Boostingboss.com

The positives

One of the key positives is the fact that their website is quite simple to navigate, and you’ll find the service you’re looking for fairly quickly.

The negatives

The prices

The first major issue you’ll encounter when you purchase a boost from this website is that absolutely everything costs extra, and the options that are presented are extremely limited. For example, you cannot order a priority boost which almost every quality boosting website has in this day and age. On top of that, the basic cost of the boost is almost twice as expensive compared to our other entries, and every specific customization of the boost costs extra, such as a role preference. 

Unreliable customer support and unskilled boosters

On top of that, their customer support team is offline most of the time, and the live chat support mostly consists of automated bot messages instead of a conversation with an actual human. Finally, some of the clients have complained that the boosters struggled to complete the boosts, and they had to switch boosters midway through the boost, which leaves this site as a poor pick overall. 

#10 Worldboosting.com

The positives

There are very few positives when it comes to this website, but if we had to pick one, it would be the price of their LAS boosts, specifically on that server.

The negatives

The language

The biggest negative when it comes to this website is the fact that it’s displayed in Spanish, and the display language cannot be changed to anything else. While there are options for boosting on every server, the entire website is incomprehensible unless you’re someone who speaks Spanish. 

The prices

The other major downside is the fact that their prices are incredibly high, and their services cost almost twice as much as those of an average boosting website. Additionally, their boosters take quite a while to complete their order, and their quality is questionable in comparison to other boosting sites, as a lot of customers complained that some of the boosters ruined the win rate on their account.